European Market and Opinion Research Specialist

Who we are

Set up as IRB Europe, one of the first truly European research consultancies,  since the 80s.

Based in Brussels, giving a broad overview of Europe as opposed to view from a large national market.

Mainly specialised in business to business and public sector studies.

A professional ad hoc research agency esp. in B2B and Public sector studies.

Specialised in carefully designed questionnaires and discussion guides, with piloting of all new questionnaires to: 

  • Ensure respondent understanding of all terms and concepts
  • Reduce unnecessary length
  • Maintain respondent interest

We also:

  • Carry out hand checking of different language versions to maintain consistency across markets
  • Manually verify data coherence within questionnaires
  • Produce clear and to the point tabulations and PPT presentations
  • Are highly experienced: over 2000 studies conducted for wide range of clients

Human scale

  • Low overheads -> 
  • Competitive in cost

Wide scope 


  • Large multi-country quantitative surveys 


  • In depth qualitative studies

Carrying out field research:

  • Directly to: Benelux, France, UK
  • Through partners across wider Europe 
  • Beyond, esp. USA, Canada, Latin America.